I started tattooing at the end of 2006 and I've been working hard to progress and make my clients as happy as possible ever since, there's not a lot I do outside of tattooing. It's a job I love and put my all into. I like to work in Western Traditional and Japanese styles, but as you can see from my portfolio I enjoy putting my hand to any other style requested.

I've won seven awards over the years in multiple catergories. I've also had my work published in Total Tattoo, SkinShots and Tattoos Only. Over the years I've spent tattooing I've found the best results come from drawing up unique custom designs for clients, it delivers a much more impressive tattoo and something really worth showing off. However I am aware this doesn't suit everyone, and I have painted many tattoo designs that hang on the wall of the studio, along with hundreds of others we have from other artists. So if you want to just pick a design and have it done straight away then I can do that for you too.

To stay up to date with work I'm doing follow me on Instagram and Twitter - @joefarrelltattoo

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